Tucker Family Virtual Reunion 2020

Dear Family

I am sure most of our family was disappointed with the necessary cancellation of the 2020 Tucker Family Reunion scheduled for this July in Oakland, California.   

Therefore, the Tucker Family Reunion Committee has voted to continue our family reunion this year by conducting it online through video conferencing. The Virtual Reunion will take place via Zoom on Saturday, August 8th, 4p-8p EST, 3p-7p CST, 2p-6p MST, and 1p-5p PST.

The Virtual Reunion committee is diligently working on the program so review the emails, this website, and Facebook as more detailed information will provided over the next month. Also the original detailed letter from June is under "FILES" on the Facebook page, "The Phillis and Berry Tucker Family Reunion". Also detailed letter will be under the tab "ADDITIONAL INFO" on this website.


Fees and Costs

For family members, there will be no actual fee required to attend this reunion, however, the committee is requesting a minimum of $10 per attendee to cover costs that were incurred from the planned Oakland reunion and the upcoming virtual reunion and any future reunions. Methods for submitting your donation  is on this website under "PAYMENT INFO" tab.

Please submit your donation for 2022 reunion by 7/25/2020

While this virtual reunion will replace our 2020 reunion in Oakland we will need to decide on where we will gather in 2022 so send your suggestions and we will narrow it down to 3 (the cities most of you suggest) and then vote in the future. 

Please submit your vote for 2022 reunion location via email or Facebook by 7/25/2020

Please reply to the email  or Facebook page "The Phillis and Berry Tucker Family Reunion" 

Thank you,

Tucker Family Reunion Committee

Remember the "The Phillis and Berry Tucker Family Reunion" Facebook group page.  Please join if you are a Facebook member so that you can get updates about reunion, keep in touch with family, and share family news and pics.  The link to the group is: